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Migrate Workloads & Applications to Cloud & Other Deployment Venues [451 Research]

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As businesses decide what infrastructure to migrate workloads and applications to, the public cloud is only one option many are considering. Download this report and learn more about workload deployment venues. 

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What you'll learn

451 Research conducted a survey to provide insights into the decisions, challenges, and considerations related to deploying workloads and applications. 

Results from the Voice of the Enterprise: Digital Pulse survey shows that the public cloud is the main execution venue for workloads and applications, but it's not the only venue companies are considering.

In this report, you’ll learn about:

  • The current percentage of workload and application deployments across different execution venues
  • The projected execution venues for workload and applications deployments
  • Which departments are involved i the decision-making process for deploying new applications and workloads