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3 Steps to Modernizing Your Data Platform

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This webcast reviews three simple steps to extend your legacy data environments to a modern database without disrupting existing services. 

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What you'll learn

Most operational databases within government agencies are shielded from new application access or analytic requests to maintain optimal performance. While practical, the approach impacts the value and progress of new government missions that require access to core operational data.

Hosted by Federal Computer Week, along with data experts, who have hands-on experience modernizing legacy data environments, learn about the latest data technologies along with tips and tricks on where to start and how to deliver success for new data-driven government programs.

  • Evan Lee, CTO | HHS-OIG
  • Kyle Tuberson, Director of Analytics, ICF International

Watch this webcast on-demand and you’ll learn from data experts who have:

  • Simplified their data architectures for better governance - See how to reduce data replication and specialized data stores while enabling rapid access to insights
  • Dramatically improved data performance at scale - See the latest in-memory optimized distributed database technology and how it yields record-breaking performance
  • Adopted an agile data path for the cloud - Plan flexibility by utilizing hybrid and multi-cloud database infrastructure